At Moonalitta, we understand that pregnancy is a transformative journey filled with awe-inspiring changes and cherished moments. We believe in celebrating the miracle of life and capturing the radiance and joy of expectant mothers.

Our maternity photography sessions provide a serene and inviting space where we can preserve the extraordinary beauty of this special time in your life. We strive to create a calming atmosphere, ensuring you feel safe, comfortable, and truly cherished during your session.

To make the most of your experience, we recommend scheduling your appointment between the 29th and 35th weeks of your pregnancy. During this timeframe, you’ll have reached a stage where your bump is beautifully prominent, allowing us to capture the essence of your maternal glow. By avoiding the discomfort that may arise in the final weeks, you can fully enjoy and embrace the session.

Our dedicated team of professional photographers are experienced in capturing the unique bond between mother and child, creating timeless images that will forever evoke the emotions and memories of this extraordinary chapter in your life.

Experience the magic of maternity photography at Moonalitta and treasure the breathtaking moments of your pregnancy for a lifetime.

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  • Maternity Standard
  • £250
  • 60 min studio shooting (mom only)
  • Up to two dress & accessories from our collection
  • 5(6x8 inch) photo edited fine art print
  • 5 high resolutions same digital copies via download
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  • Maternity Premium
  • £550
  • 60 to 90 min studio shooting (mom, dad, sibling included)
  • Up to three dress & accessories from our collection
  • 10(8x10 inch) Luxury Folio box photo edited prints
  • 10 high resolutions same digital copies on USB
  • £50 discount for wall art print
  • %10 discount for newborn session
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Maternity Album

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