For many women, pregnancy can be one of the most profound experiences of a lifetime – and one that shouldn’t be taken for granted. The ability of the human body to change, grow and create can be challenging, astonishing and entirely unique – but often this period is quickly forgotten with the very welcome yet busy arrival of a newborn baby.
At Moonalitta, we’re here to capture the joy and beauty of this time – providing a calm, safe and welcoming environment to capture your maternal beauty in its astonishing glory.
From experience, we suggest you book your appointment for between the 29th to 35th weeks of your pregnancy. The last four weeks of a pregnancy can be somewhat uncomfortable so it’s recommended you shoot with us within those dates so that you can enjoy your session to its fullest.

  • Maternity Standard
  • £249
  • 60 min studio shooting (mom only)
  • Up to two dress & accessories from our collection
  • 5(6x8 inch) photo edited fine art print
  • 5 high resolutions same digital copies via download
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  • Maternity Premium
  • £499
  • 60 to 90 min studio shooting (mom, dad, sibling included)
  • Up to three dress & accessories from our collection
  • 10(8x10 inch) Luxury Folio box photo edited prints
  • 10 high resolutions same digital copies on USB
  • £50 discount for wall art print
  • %10 discount for newborn session
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Maternity Album

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